We can say without a doubt, that Sugar is the most creative agency of its kind. OK scratch that: We’re the only one of its kind. Here’s the short and, dare we say, sweet of it: Sugar brings novel, groundbreaking ideas for innovative marketing to our select partner brands. Our goal is to generate an image for our clients that consumers can’t ignore that generates intense buzz, unparalleled word of mouth and visible positive outcome. How do we do it? We avoid the cliché, do whatever it takes and deliver innovative and creative strategies that drive results. The fun part about being indefinable is the freedom to redefine our self every day.

We pride ourselves on eluding definition, because it gives us the freedom to do truly creative, memorable and effective communications campaigns and special events. We integrate your brand message using urban infiltration, street branding, viral, social media, lifestyle interception and radical placement. We are experts in branding, experimental marketing initiatives, unique fabrications, event planning, installations and pop-up situations. Not to mention new, undiscovered things that we surprise our clients – and ourselves – with every day.

In with the new: Sugar is a full service, free thinking, open-minded New York City-based marketing group. We provide unique and effective marketing and creative solutions to clients and brands that wish to embrace and become a thriving part of the desires, curiosity and intelligence of their markets. Sugar toils tirelessly to bring your brand to the world.

And that, we believe is pretty


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We’re always looking for fun and dynamic young people to work on our marketing promotions. So, if you are interested in making some extra money working flexible part time hours – let us know!


Outgoing, attractive and approachable people who are responsible and professional team players – with energy to spare! We find that typically models and actors enjoy this work and are the best fit for us so, if you are a model or actor living anywhere in the United States, send us your information and a headshot (if you have some promotional experience attach your resume as well). We will keep your information on file and contact you as promotions arise in your area! This could be a great way to earn extra cash while working in a unique + fun environment!

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